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Pull-in pants prove popular with Premier League players

When Samir Nasri flashed his pants on the touchline, underwear specialists Pull-in saw pound signs.

The French underwear brand has taken off this season as a host of top players have started wearing Pull-in pants.

Nasri, Robin van Persie, Jack Wilshere, Gervinho, Franck Ribery and Karin Benzema are among the players who believe in wearing Pull-in as their preferred choice of lucky pants on (and off) the pitch.

Pull-in's popularity isn't just about comfort - the pants are the underwear of choice for many players because of their snazzy designs. Pull-in have emerged as one of Europe's most popular underwear labels - with 12 global concept store in cities including Paris, New York, St Tropez and LA, and more than 1,200 retailers worldwide.

Or, as Wilshere put it in one of his Tweets: "Best pants ever # just saying".

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