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Performance is king – How Pure Ionic are helping professional sports

In the modern game, performance is king. That’s why the top clubs employ teams of specialists to work on conditioning, using sports science to give the modern athlete an edge.

Diet is high on the list of priorities, but when you break it all down, the one component that is more important above anything else is water. It’s what fuels us as human beings and without it we cannot function. The right amount of water is vital for good health – and in athletes its importance is even more significant.

The recommended daily water intake for an average human is four pints. Sounds a lot, doesn’t it? But it’s why so many of us feel tired and dehydrated.

Pure Ionic are water specialists. Not just the run of the mill tap water variety. The clue is in the name, and Pure Ionic are at the top of their game as specialists in supplying water to aid peak performance in athletes.

It’s why Chelsea, Blackburn Rovers, UK Athletics, Leicester Tigers, London Irish, Wigan Warriors, Warrington Wolves, Bradford Bulls, and the England Rugby League and Wales Rugby Union squads already use their services.


Pure Ionic water is one of the greatest preventative health advances. It provides a powerful anti-oxidant with oxygen enrichment providing lots of energy.

It also produces very alkaline water which helps to neutralise and flush acid waste from the body, which if left can encourage diseases. Alkaline ionised water also has fantastic hydration properties, this is because the water molecules have been reduced in size from 15 to 5 clusters, which allows to penetrate, hydrate and nourish the body cells more easily, whilst removing toxins.

For decades, scientists from around the globe have searched for ideal water for the human body. A rare spring water where pure and refreshing water could make the body healthy.

The search for healing water continued as scientists conducted experiments on places where water was said to have miraculous properties, like Lourdes in France and glacial streams in the Himalayas. They made an important discovery. The pH level (potential of hydrogen) of these beneficial waters tended to be very alkaline and highly ionized.

Forty years ago, Russian scientists ran ordinary water past magnetically charged plates and discovered it was a simple method for separating water into two streams. One alkaline, and one acidic: A process called ionization.

Energized water

Tap water can be literally transformed into living, energized water. It’s called alkaline ionized water, or Pure Ionic Water. Pure Ionic Water is loaded with negatively-charged hydroxyl ions, which act as powerful and pervasive antioxidants in the body. These antioxidants actively seek out positively charged free radicals that wreak havoc on our cells.

Alkaline ionized water is actually restructured during this process to significantly improve hydration, because the water comes easier for the body to absorb and utilize. Water from bottles or taps usually comes in clusters and groupings containing a 13-15 water molecules. But alkaline ionized water is reformed during ionization, and the water molecules are reduced to 5 or 6 per cluster. This allows the water to more easily penetrate the cells and, in turn, drinking Pure Ionic Water. It will help us battle or even prevent many of the signs of chronic dehydration such as low energy, digestion disorders, constipation and obesity.

Drinking Pure Ionic Water will help give your body back its own ability to function at its highest level and maintain a proper pH balance of 7.4. Pure Ionic Water Machine is also capable of producing Strong Alkaline Water, with a pH greater than 10, and Strong Acidic Water, with a pH less than 5.0.

Strong Alkaline Water has detergent-like qualities, can emulsify oil and remove oil-based pesticides from the food you eat, while Strong Acidic Water has anti-bacterial qualities and can kill viruses within 30 seconds of contact.

Our blood has a natural pH value of 7.36 to 7.44. Modern lifestyle and consumption of meats, dairy, coffee and processed sugars create acid ash in the body, so we become more acidic over time.

Typical symptoms of acidic blood can include:

- Low energy

- Excess weight

- Poor digestion

- Aches & Pains

Some experts go even further to suggest that an alkaline body does not readily allow a range of degenerative diseases including arthritis, osteoporosis and even cancer cells to develop as readily as in an acidic body.

Combining a change in diet and drinking water with an alkaline value similar to the blood value could lead to better health.

The benefits of Pure Ionic Water include:

- Powerful Anti-oxidants & Electrolytes for Rehabilitation and Recovery

- Hydrates up to 6/8 x that of tap water

- Anti-ageing

- Weight loss

- Speed circulation

- Boost metabolism

- Lower blood pressure

- Allergy relief

- Constipation relief

- Absorption of minerals

- Provides the body with additional oxygen

Total Football have teamed up with Pure Ionic as official drinks partner for their Total Football Shows – Pure Ionic will be at the shows with their drink dispensers for everyone to use and will be supplying players, coaches and visitors with drinks during the shows. Check out the website  if you want the water system installed at your club or at your home. A great tasting water, it is also an opportunity to save your carbon footprint as this eco active water system will mean you do not need to purchase bottled water, as no bottled water is close to this high quality water that is perfect for rehabilitation and recovery. It is purified, re-mineralised with electrolytes, alkalised then ionised.

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