Hoddle wants England job!

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Hoddle wants England job!

Postby Back of the net » Mon Mar 26, 2012 5:54 pm

So Hoddle wants the England job? No chance!!!!!!
Join the queue Hod - David Beckham's got more chance of being next England manager than Hoddle!
The favourites list looks something like this for the England job now:
1 Harry Redknapp
2 Jose Mourinho
3 Stuart Pearce
I reckon Mourinho has got to be the best candidate, Barca are supposedly the best team in the world but not according to La Liga.
Alan Pardew is among the 'possibles' ?
What about:
Beckham, Allardyce, Curbishley, Terry Butcher?
Sir Alex, Wenger, Guardiola?
But Hoddle, er, no.
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