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Os and Blades fans have different expectations

Total Football surveyed fans at Saturday's Leyton Orient v Sheffield United clash to find out where they think there side will finish at the end of the season.

The two clubs have experienced differing fortunes so far this season. Whilst the Os have shown some strong form in the last five games, the east London club are still at the wrong end of the League One table after a difficult start.

The Blades, who were relegated from the Championship last season, have had a much better start and are currently well placed for a return.

Total Football conducted a survey with both sets of fans to find out what they think will happen to their respective clubs.

Some Os fans think their side has a chance of promotion, while others are expecting a relegation battle.

Blades fans are more optimistic, with some believing that their side has what it takes to win the League One title this season.

Photo: Joshua, Emre and Madeleine enjoying the occasion.

Leyton Orient fans' predictions:

11th – Morgan Conn

Playoffs – Sean Conn

16th – Patrick Love

10th – Sid Barret

10th – Neil Scotchmer

12th – John Mackie

10th – Tim Mackie

10th – Pat Morgan

10th – Joe Watts

10th – David Jones

10th – Brian Fermoy

10th – Spencer Nighcingill

8th – Christine Fermoy

6th – Dave Cooper

6th – Craig Rogers

18th – Phil Cook

10th – Sam Lund

10th – Stanley Mowatt

3rd – Peter Gaylard

20th – Jorgen Nielson

17th – Rene Jergensen

1st – Jens Anderson

20th – Morten Thysen

15th Jesper Miland

12th Jonathan Mole

6th – Tim Rice

8th – Bob Barstow

Sheffield United fans' predictions:

3rd – Barbara Pickersgill

4th – Andy Pickersgill

4th – Gary Hewish

4th – Ian Sinclair

4th – Liam Clarke

7th - Beth Voyse

2nd – Barry Radford

2nd – Steven Dean

5th – Chris Young

4th – Dean Storey-Scott

Playoffs – Michael Turner

4th – Jurgen Grixti

4th – Nigel Vella

4th - Kristy Bondin

2nd – Chris Yellops

1st – Alistair Greaves

2nd – Nick Revel

6th – Peter Chapman

5th – Barry Smith

3rd – Ross Colladine

3rd - Geoff Colladine

1st - Derek Baker

1st – George Wilkinson

4th – Grace Jones

2nd – Ian Guthrie

4th – Andy Roome

3rd – Oliver Roome

2nd – John Cliff

4th – Jordan Lister

1st – Jonathan Lister

4th – David Russell


Survey by Ben Kelly

Image by John-Patrick Fletcher

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