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Fluid football: A new soccer strategy game

Apple users worldwide now have a new football game based around tactics, available to them for the new season.

Fluid Football is now ready to be downloaded in the Apple store, for iPod touch, iPad and the iPhone.

TalkSport radio presenters Richard Keys and Andy Gray were involved in the making of this new game, which allows players to explore a raft of new football challenges and get even more tactical than ever before.

In a series of testing cup competitions, players will go through separate tasks to advance through each stage of the game.

Real-life tactical challenges

Fluid Football enhances in real-life tactical challenges and allows the user to draw runs and passes in real time, to find the space and complete the challenges.

A 3D view is also available for the most precise shots on goal and is the perfect game for those football fans that don’t just watch the game and want to know the score.

They would rather prefer a detailed analytical approach to how the move was created, which led to the chance.

Sony Academy radio award winners Keys & Gray, who have been with TalkSport since February 2011, will provide audio commentary throughout.

The game is free to be downloaded and more challenges can be unlocked, through future updates.

Along with open play, Fluid Football presents a range of tricky set piece scenarios, which have to be tackled with, in the most precise of ways possible.

Whereas most computer games an individual picks up, a set piece normally has to be blasted at to have any chance of scoring; Fluid Football provides a more concise approach to the beautiful game.

Approaching each challenge

All players can approach each challenge set, in their own unique way and as the two commentators showed in a recent YouTube trailer for the app, it can get quite competitive too!

The aim of the game is simple: Score the goals to win, advance and ultimately, win the trophies.

However, it requires an element of thinking and strategy, which of course means that this app might not endear itself to everyone on the market.

Andy Gray, who loves the tactical tools from his two decades as a pundit and commentator with Sky Sports said: “We’re thrilled to be bringing such a unique tactical football title to the App Store.

“We’ve been very closely involved with the game’s development from day one and we’ve invested a lot of our personal experience into the game to ensure it has as much authenticity as possible.”

Fluid Football is now available for free from the App Store on iPod touch, iPhone and iPad at:

Note: The app is called ‘Fluid Soccer’ in the United States and Canada.

To see Richard Keys and Andy Gray in action with Fluid Football, see this video:

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