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Get to the heart of the game with FIFA 12

With the emergence of modern technology and the ever-growing realism of simulation games on laptops and game consoles such as the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, it's now possible for fans to quite literally 'get into the game'. Gamers can lead their team to league and cup glory all from the comfort of their bedroom.

EA Sports' FIFA series is amongst the most popular football simulation games on the market today. Every season, fans anticipate who will grace the front cover and look forward to seeing visible improvements. Here for the nineteenth season, FIFA 12 continues to transcend through the ages. 

The latest edition in the FIFA series, FIFA 12, comes out on the 30th September. Having the name of the world game's governing body in the title means that the makers at EA Sports are able to take full advantage. This year's edition will feature more than 500 officially licensed clubs and in excess of 15,000 players.

For the first time, gamers will have the option of choosing between two commentary pairings, adding to the experience. FIFA 12 players can look forward to a game that is sure to be more engaging than ever before.

Not just a game - a way of life

And then there's the Football Manager simulation game for the elder and more mature fan. Some will argue that this is not just simply a game, but a way of life. Notorious for ending relationships with girlfriends and keeping teenagers away from coursework, Sega's Football Manager has been around since 1992 and it's popularity continues to grow nine years on.

Football Manager 2012, due to hit the shelves on the 21st October, comes with added features including a new and improved 3D game engine, with "two brand new cameras - "Behind Goal" and "Director Cam" as well as all other camera angles being reversible".

This year's game will also require internet access to activate, making it easier for gamers to stay up to date with the latest edition.

Both games have online play facilities. In FIFA 12, players can compete online against friends and gamers from around the world. Football Manager 2012's online community allows players to compare their skills and achievements with their fellow counterparts.

So the question is, what type of player are you? You might like the idea of playing your fierce rivals and beating them on their home patch – FIFA 12? Or, you might like the idea of building from the ground up, bringing in your own players and staff – Football Manager?

Whichever gamer you are, you are sure spoilt for choice with two such great football based titles on the market today.

By Eugene Allen

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