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New football game launches

The NSPCC’s ChildLine service has announced the launch of Soccer School, an online game with fantastic interactive graphics that sees players test their skills across more than 20 levels.

You play a teenager playing football on his way home from school. The aim of the game is kick the ball into a skip by bouncing it over and against obstacles, including streetlights, cars and post boxes. With over 20 levels of play, you can play any level as many times as you like, and try and gain three stars for each level.

Soccer School features hours of gameplay and challenging physics-based action. Each of the levels requires logic and skill to win, including special bonus levels that only the best will unlock.

ChildLine have launched the game as millions of children across the country go back to school.

Sue Minto, Head of ChildLine, said: “The back to school period is a challenging time for children, especially those making the transition between primary and secondary school.

"Last year, over 18,000 children spoke to ChildLine about school problems, which shows the scale of the problem. By creating a game that engages children in this age group, they are placed in a comfortable environment that gives them an easy option to contact ChildLine if they need to.”

Soccer School is the follow up game to The .Net Awards shortlisted game Street Striker, which was nominated for Online Game of the Year alongside the likes of Angry Birds, Minecraft and Lego Star Wars. To try out the game, go to

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