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Take a closer look into the lives of footballers with Lords of Football

Lords of Football, the upcoming Football Lifestyle Sim from Geniaware, brings the everyday routine of football to life. Players can explore all aspects of the game from playing, training, advancing skills and all the drama that comes with an active social life.

Nightlife in Lords of Football

Who wouldn't like to be a footballer? They actually "play" for a living, travel the world, win prizes and competitions!

But let's be honest, it's not just the sports activities that catch our attention, is it?

What fascinates everyone about the lives of athletes is not just what they do on the pitch, the skill they show, the commitment they put into the team, but what they get up to when their work is done.

They live the modern fairy tale, they are rich, famous and don't need to worry about (almost) anything else.

So, what does a famous footballer do when he's not involved in a cup final or in a training session? Like the rest of us, footballers like to go out and have fun but on a much larger scale.

Social activities

This leads us to the second nature of Lords of Football, where players can experience a range of social activities that footballers experience in their day-to-day lives, including, of course, the night life!

The footballers in Lords of Football have different needs, inclinations and… vices.After all, verity is the spice of life and all individuals have their own preferences, so you will have to control the pleasures your team is seeking when the training day comes to an end.

That's not an easy task. The town is full of venues where your footballers can hang out, so you will be able to organize different events in the restaurant (a Wine Tasting evening, or a Brazilian Night, for instance), or host a launch party in the Club (or a spicy Pole Dancing night!).

The Pub is a perfect place to play cards or to host a Speed Dating event and the Radio can promote over-inflated egos with a player interview.

These are just some of the activities you can choose to fulfill the needs of your athletes, but as in real life those things might be… well, challenging.


That's because other issues can come in to play, too, and if you don't keep an eye on your footballers' behaviour, they might develop unhealthy addictions to some of their preferred desires.

For instance, a player who likes to gamble might become a bit too attached to the town's casino activities, and a gambling addiction is not something to be underestimated.

Too much interest in sex, eating, drinking, partying might present problems with other individuals, because if it becomes an addiction, it might lead to misbehavior, lack of confidence or commitment to the training sessions and vitally important matches.

Fortunately, there are venues in the training ground that can help footballers to recover from these bad habits and keep them under control.

The clinic is there to trim down any ego issues, to cure an alcohol problem, to curb a party addiction and anything else they might be suffering from.

To effectively take advantage of this you will have to know your players, their nature, their needs and goals. You will have to be a confident boss, a friend, a doctor.

All in all, you can't be just a trainer, for them. You have to follow them through every moment of their lives and ensure they make the right choices. That's what separates the average coach from a Lord of Football!

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