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Tiki-Taka: Euro All Stars 2012! - review

Few football fans could have watched Spain pass opponents into submission in Polkraine and not wish their own side could keep the ball like that.

It’s an ambition England will probably never achieve, but at least now you can do some wish fulfillment of your own in a new game available from Apple’s app store for iPhone and iPad.

Tiki-Taka: Euro All Stars 2012!, developed by Robb Research, sees you controlling five midfielders (no strikers, naturally) in the centre circle as you attempt to keep the ball away from a gradually-increasing number of opponents.

You tap the screen to pass short, swipe to pass long and tap a player to stop the ball dead.

A clock in the top left and a pass counter on the right tick upwards as the game progresses, with the aim simply being to keep the ball as long as you can. The game ends when you’re tackled or misplace a pass out of the ring.

There are four difficulty modes, so even those of us not blessed with speedy finger or thought can have a go. Still, it’s all too easy on the first few attempts to find yourself losing by putting the ball out before there’s an opposition player in sight.

Should you start to rival Iniesta et al., however, you can upload your score to Facebook and watch your friends admire you like they do Ramos’s beard.

It should be noted that, despite its title, the game has nothing officially to do with Spain. The five players you control each wear different, generic, football strips, and we’re talking Wii-like characters rather than Fifa 12 modeling.

What’s more, the game is diverting rather than totally absorbing. It’s the equivalent of watching Spain against Portugal rather than Italy.

It’s still good fun, though. And, for the format, it’s all perfectly passable.

By Ian Ford

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