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Top app ‘PlayUp’ announces major upgrade

PlayUp, the leading mobile social network for live sports, has announced a major upgrade to its globally successful iPhone app allowing sports fans to connect with friend networks in real time around the live action of all the world’s major sports.

Since launching 4 months ago, the PlayUp App has become one of the most downloaded apps in the Apple Store – Top 5 App in 80 countries and number 1 App in 30 countries.

Featuring more than 50 leagues across the 9 biggest sports in the world PlayUp covers sports leagues including: Premier League, Serie A, Champions League, Euro 2012, SPL, La Liga and Bundesliga.

This new version lets users connect with Facebook and Twitter friends in real time to banter about the live action of all the world’s major sports.

This new version 2.0 includes a number of improvements and additions that will build on this global uptake: 

  • Live scores and stats for 23,000+ live games
  • Customise your sport preferences and chose which sports you want to follow
  • Free instant messaging around any game
  • Multi-post messaging so you can conveniently share with other social networks
  • Hangout and message in private with friends during the game
  • Ability to browse/join public discussions
  • Invite friends from any social network and share comments on multiple networks
  • Find friends as they follow live games
  • Meet fans and make new friend
  • Push notifications and friend alerts to make sure you’re always in the loop

PlayUp Founder and CEO George Tomeski said the new version of the iPhone app was just the beginning in providing sport fans all over the world with a true sports entertainment experience on their mobile phones.

“Through real time social messaging we can provide a real time mobile service for sport fans around the world to discuss the game as the action unfolds.

“For sports brands or associations this is particularly exciting as they can create a dedicated hangout against any game of live sport to engage with their fans and provide amazing experiences.

“This is just the start in providing a mobile-based platform with live scores and stats, social gaming, interaction and premium content all in the one place,” Mr Tomeski said.

PlayUp is headquartered in Australia with international offices in the US, India, UK, Britain, China, Japan and Brazil. For more information on PlayUp or to access the beta web version, please visit

The PlayUp app is now available in the iTunes Store

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