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Bolt and Blake show off their football skills

The world’s two fastest men, Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake, showed off their football skills when they turned up for a game in the Minifootball Championship in Uxbridge.

Bolt and Blake were training at Uxbridge University with their compatriots Warren Weir, a bronze medalist in the 200 metres, and Jamaican legend Asafa Powell, when they noticed staff at the community Minifootball league setting up.

League manager Sarah Gooding takes up the story: “Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake walked up to our members of staff on site and asked if anyone could play. To say we were amazed would be an understatement.

“We said they would be more than welcome and Usain, Yohan, Warren, Asafa and all their coaches joined up with one of the teams to show what they could do! Our players’ jaws hit the floor! They played for a team called The Underdogs, who lost the match.”

It is not the first time that Usain Bolt has played minifootball. Known as a fan of Manchester United, he has already expressed his desire to play football professionally.

Minifootball on your doorstep

”Minifootball is a sport open to everyone, wherever you are you it is an opportunity to play minifootball on your doorstep,” added Razvan Burleanu, the president of the European Minifootball Federation.

“Recent years have seen a significant growth in the numbers of people playing minifootball in Europe. The presence of Usain Bolt, a real legend, on the minifootball pitch represent an impressive impact over the promotion of minifootball as one of the best alternatives to spend time with friends.”

The European Minifootball Federation, as the minifootball governing body at European level, is looking to promote, supervise and direct minifootball in Europe as a means to contribute to positive development within communities and as a tool for health-enhancing physical activity, equal opportunities education, training, social inclusion and integration through sport and combating racism and other forms of discrimination in sport.

More than 600,000 players in 21 member countries (England, Scotland, Wales, North Ireland, Romania, Greece, Czech Republic, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Israel, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Moldova, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Montenegro and Luxembourg) play minfootball.

Minifootball has been played all over Europe in tournament format since the early 1970s.

By Mark Roach

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