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Football the most popular and cheapest sport for teens

Speak to many football fans these days and you’ll almost certainly here them bemoaning the fact that the game is dominated by money, often at the supporters’ expense.

However, a fascinating new research project has found that, for young people, football is the cheapest sport to take part in as well as being the most popular.

The study, carried out by pub restaurant chain Chef & Brewer, polled 2,000 parents of children who take part in organised sport at least three times a week.

The findings show that a football enthusiast will set a parent back £2841 between the ages of 11-18, but the average parent of a sporting youngster will fork out £3832.22 over the same period.

The total cost covers money spent on club subscriptions, new kit, equipment and transport to keep a child’s dreams alive of becoming football’s next superstar.

Olympic year

In this Olympic year, emphasis is being placed on encouraging young people to take part in sports and this research will be music to the ears of parents of football-mad children.

Football ranked as the 10th most expensive sport behind others such as rugby, netball, cricket and swimming.

The research also revealed six out of ten parents said they would hate to stand in the way of their child and their chance to excel at sport regardless of how much it cost.

Elaine Petch, mother of Olympic medal-winning gymnast Louis Smith, travelled 250 miles each week with Louis when he was a budding star.

Elaine, who is supporting Chef & Brewer’s Champion of Champions campaign to reward those who dedicate their lives to support future sporting talent, said: “Most parents fully get behind their children when it comes to sport – for a variety of reasons.

"The obvious reason is that it keeps children fit and healthy, but secondly children who take part in team sports tend to have a wider circle of friends.”

by Paul Gould

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