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Have Manchester City been caught napping?

Over the last few years football fans have got used to the seasonal influx of top notch talent that Manchester City greet the season with.

However, this year has been decidedly different with just one modest addition in the form of Jack Rodwell (pictured) from Everton, but their player departures numbering 11.

It is true City have not gone after the number of players they have in previous years, what is also true is the ones they have gone after have largely decided against a move to the blue half of Manchester.

Manager Roberto Mancini has publicly expressed his dissatisfaction at the way City have done, or not done as the case has been, business this summer.

The one example that stands out is their pursuit of Robin van Persie which ended with the former Arsenal skipper signing for Manchester United.

Unfamiliar dynamic

This is an unfamiliar dynamic for the champions, as other clubs seemed to have almost resigned themselves to the fact that City could get whoever they wanted because of their ability to sign a blank cheque to club and player.

The main factors that seemed to lead Van Persie in particular to siding with United over City is firstly the history and tradition of United, and secondly after being the main man at Arsenal, guaranteed to play every week, he did not relish the fact that strikers tend to be used more sparingly at City.

Despite Man City at last being on the way to matching their silverware with their financial clout, players appear to have woken up to the fact that although you earn more money you play less.

While Mancini’s squad remains very strong, the difference is other teams such as Man Utd and Chelsea have done everything they can to bridge the gap.

What’s for sure is the Premier League never stands still for long and that is exactly what City have done and in effect they have let themselves be caught by the chasing teams when they should have been building on what they already have.

By Duncan Proctor

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