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The price of being a Premier League fan

Not content with simply being the best team in the land, Premier League winners Manchester City were also the best value side to watch last season, according to a new survey.

With the start of the 2012/13 Premier League fast approaching, shopping site reveals how much a season of supporting a Premier League team really costs and which clubs offer the best value for money based on their team’s home performance.

Wigan supporters are the Premier League’s best-off fans financially with a season ticket at the DW Stadium costing £370. If you include a shirt, scarf, plus a pie and a pint at every game, fans will pay a grand total of £462 this season.

In contrast, Gunners fans top the supporter’s price league with a season ticket costing £985. With kit, food and drink thrown in, Arsenal supporters will have to shell out a whopping £1,175 over the course of a season.

However as any true fan will inform you, these costs don’t tell the full story. With every fan hoping to witness their team score on home turf, has calculated the cost per goal and per win based on last season’s results and current season ticket prices.

Manchester City supporters will be pleasantly surprised to find that they are getting the best value for money in terms of the cost per win (£23.61) and per goal (£7.73).

After an unusually low scoring season for Liverpool, fans are paying £30.21 per goal and £120.83 per win for the privilege of a season ticket.

It could also be an expensive first season back in the top flight for Hammers supporters as they come bottom of the table with costs of £123.33 per win based on their performance in the 2011/2012 season.

Top 10 best value Premier League clubs (per goal and per win):
1. Manchester City - £7.73 per goal and £23.61 per win

2. Newcastle United - £12.52 per goal and £33.00 per win

3. Manchester United - £10.23 per goal and £35.47 per win

4. Southampton - £8.65 per goal and £37.50 per win

5. Everton - £15.82 per goal and £44.30 per win

6. Fulham - £12.47 per goal and £44.90 per win

7. Chelsea - £14.51 per goal and £49.58 per win

8. Tottenham Hotspur - £18.72 per goal and £56.15 per win

9. Stoke - £15.96 per goal and £57.00 per win

10. West Brom - £16.62 per goal and £58.17 per win

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