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Torres: "I want more"

Fernando Torres has declared “I want more” after clinching the Champions League and the FA Cup last season.

He told the latest Chelsea Magazine: “Here we have the chance to win more trophies this season. I think all the fans are excited about the Premier League again, after a couple of years of not winning the trophy, so I think it’s a good time, especially me, to give something back to the fans.

The 28-year-old has already scored three goals in four appearances, as Chelsea top the Premier League with nine points, added: “When you play for Chelsea, you have the chance to win trophies and this was one of the main reasons why I came here.

“In my first full season, we got two trophies, which is the thing I was looking for when I came but now I have more objectives, more personal targets and this season is very important for me.

More responsibility 

“Didier (Drogba) is not here anymore so there is more responsibility for me and I’m ready for the challenge.

"Hopefully, everything is going to be okay and we will work hard. Now I am looking for new personal targets, which is to get as many goals as possible and hopefully, I will score more than I did in my best season at Liverpool.

“We have the squad to do that and we have more trophies to play for, so it could be a magic season.”

Torres, who also won the Golden Boot for his performance at Euro 2012 said: “For me, the striker has to be in the box.

"Once you have to run into the channel you have lost your position. So I try to spend more time in the box and leave this job for the wingers because, obviously when a striker goes to the channels, the opposite winger has to come inside and finish as a striker.

“This is the job – we have to make sure we are all working in the same way but the striker has to be in the middle and the wingers go in the channels. These are the basics of football.”

Premier League impressions 

The Spaniard vividly remembers the impression Arsenal and Manchester United made on him when he followed the Premier League from his time in Spain.

“There were the only two sides we could normally watch in Spain. Then I remember, when Thierry Henry was at Arsenal and Ruud van Nistelrooy was at Manchester United – proper strikers.

“It was amazing to see the crosses from Beckham and Giggs at United or Pires and Overmars at Arsenal. The striker was there to finish.”

He added: “I like players who can find the space behind the defenders, who can find a small gap to pass the ball and put me infront of the goalkeeper.

"Juan Mata is very easy to play alongside because he has these qualities, where he finds the space behind the defenders.

“We have scored a lot of goals thanks to these kinds of passes from him. We have him, plus Eden Hazard plays there and Oscar as well.

The second striker position 

"For me it’s the most important position for the team. The no.10 or second striker is the one who is going to make the difference, the one who is going to finish the game or change it by giving an assist or scoring a goal.

"All the great teams have a quality no.10 and we have two or three this season, so we have to exploit that.

“We have to use them because I think you win the games in the last third of the pitch and it’s exciting to have these kinds of players.

"I think we changed when Robbie (di Matteo) became manager to 4-2-3-1 which suits the kind of player much better than 4-3-3.

“I think last season I became a more complete player. I played in a different position and the style of Chelsea was different to the style I used to play.

"However, at Chelsea, all the teams are waiting for us, very deep, so it’s difficult to find spaces.

Back to his best 

“I adapted for the good of the team but I like to play on the shoulder of the defenders, play in the space and receive passes that Hazard, Mata, Lamps or Oscar can make behind the defenders.

“You need to balance things and know what’s better for the team and, at any club, this is the job of the coaching staff.

"They have to get the best out of us – they did last season, after Robbie came in. He understood very well what we needed and we did very well. Hopefully, this season, he is right as well.

“I would like to finish my career with all the trophies possible – I may have the most difficult one but I haven’t won many of the trophies you have the chance to win every season.

“The Premier League is a big target and maybe we can become the first team to win two Champions Leagues in a row. Let’s dream of that – who knows?”

The Spaniard has been in the doldrums for some time but this season, he is already showing more consistent signs of being back to his best.

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