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Book release: Richard Lee - Graduation

When Brentford goalkeeper Richard Lee performed stand up in the West End of London it marked the start of a new chapter in his life, but one that won’t result in him becoming a comedian.

Instead, it served as a graduation ceremony and an opportunity to practice what he preaches in his new book: Graduation, Life Lessons of a Professional Footballer.

Published by Bennion Kearny, Lee's book is far from being your average footballer’s autobiography. Charting Lee’s first season at the club, it reveals the private and personal workings of a footballer’s mind and acts as a guide for successfully overcoming acute mental anxiety.

“Richard’s honesty exposes the fragility in us all,” said Ben Foster, the ex-England and current West Bromwich Albion goalkeeper.

“In his book he gives an honest insight into dimensions of a footballer’s life that are often kept secret, and in doing so offers worthy advice on how to overcome any hurdle. It’s a great read,” he concluded.

Lee’s book is a candid and fascinating insight into how any individual can adapt and learn to improve their personal fortunes. It’s a must-read for football fans but also anyone seeking personal development and the motivational lift a heart-warming story provides.

Winning methods

It combines brutal honesty with winning methods for overcoming fears and is not only a unique observation into life as a professional footballer but a guide for positive life change.

Filled with anecdotes, fascinating insight, and humour, Graduation presents an open account of what happens behind the glitz and glamour of modern football and offers sound advice for anyone with a hurdle to overcome.

Lee beautifully encapsulates the education and transformation that enabled him to cope with the challenges he was presented with during the 2010/11 season.

Joining Brentford with a CV reading England U21 honours, an FA Cup semi final, and Premier League experience, Lee was expected to shine.

However after only one game he was dropped and suddenly found himself as the manager’s third choice goalkeeper. Cast aside and with his anxiety affecting his performances, he was faced with a choice between fight-or-flight. Fortunately for Brentford fans, in a season of penalty shoot outs, hypnotherapy, and severe injury - he chose to fight.

Graduation is available to buy now from Amazon in print and Kindle formats.

About the author: Richard Lee is Brentford FC’s goalkeeper, vice captain and reigning player of the year. He is also a director of Dr Cap, the largest independent online head wear store in the UK, and the blossoming goalkeeping business GK Icon - a project dedicated to improving the standard of goalkeeping in the UK. Aside from his football and business interests Richard has always been intrigued by the mind, and in particular peak performance and has attended many seminars, read countless books, and gained a qualification in NLP.

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