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Book review: King Arthur Goes to Wembley

British sport has had its greatest summer ever. The Olympics, the Paralympics, the US Open, the Champions League, Formula One and the USPGA Championship have all seen phenomenal British success.

The fun of football has been shown in many previous books and author Jake Nelson has come up with another uptake on this genre in a book that promises plenty of laughs and smiles.

‘King Arthur Goes to Wembley’ has just been released on Amazon and has already attracted glowing reviews from fans of the book.

He has decided to combine the story of the beautiful game with the famous tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

The results are bound to be interesting but it will be thrilling for people to find out.

The book starts with two schoolboys searching for a football they’ve lost when they stumble upon the resting place of England’s legendary ruler King Arthur.

Honour of England at stake

Due to some miscommunication, Arthur believes that the ‘Honour of England’ is at stake in a forthcoming international game.

He tells the children to teach the rights of the beautiful game to the men from Camelot, so they can play for England against the world champions!

Intended purely as a children’s novel to begin with, author Jake has found out that many adult football fans are showing interest.

Jake said: “The idea that the finest knights in all the world might just be the finest natural athletes too, is only one step away from imagining that maybe, they could also be great footballers.”

It is fast-paced, witty and funny and could also be turned into a stage production, with a school in Essex already contacting Jake to suggest they would be interested in turning this book into a play.

‘King Arthur Goes to Wembley’ has the potential to be one of the most surprising and funniest hits of this sporting summer.

‘King Arthur Goes to Wembley’ is available on Amazon for £4.99 in paperback version and for just 98p via the Amazon Kindle shop.

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