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I.D. – ‘The greatest football film ever made’

I.D. is the greatest football film ever made. According to the makers, that is.

To be fair, it IS a decent football-related film, or rather a decent film about football hooligans.

But what sets it apart is its focus on ‘the generals’ – the orchestrators of football violence – and an ambitious young policeman’s journey undercover into their murky world of hard drinking, fighting and all-round macho behaviour.

The twist is that John, the main character, slowly finds himself turning into one of the thugs he has been sent to destroy.

Available on DVD & Blu-ray 14th May

Re-mastered and available on Blu-ray for the first time

Directed by Philip Davis

Starring: Reece Dinsdale, Sean Pertwee, Richard Graham, Perry Fenwick, Lee Ross, Philip Glenister, Warren Clarke, Claire Skinner, Saskia Reeves, Nick Bartlett, David Schaal.

CERT: 15

Running Time: 103mins

DVD: Cat.No: ABD1050 │ RRP: £6.99

Blu-ray: Cat.No: ABB8092 │ RRP: £12.99

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