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Puma are in the pink with striking new v1.11 boot

The 'modern' view of pink is that if you are bold enough to wear it it means you are confident about your masculinity.

Puma are testing that theory with their new v1.11 i FG boot.

The striking footwear is a striking combination of pink, white and black.

The v1.11 features what Puma describe as 'a premium lightweight microfiber upper material'. The manufacturers go on to say that the lace cover creates a smooth kicking surface and a unique look - and we won't argue with that.

The one-piece outsole provides stability and support, with a carbon fibre plate in the forefoot to minimize weight and to increase the reactivity in the flex area.

The v1.11 features the third generation of PUMA's UNI technology. This construction provides a snug fit by perfectly replicating the unique PUMA AptoLast.

And will it make you play better?

Puma certainly think it will make you a bit quicker around the pitch. They say that the v1.11 'was created with one thing in mind - to give you the confidence to be your fastest'.

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