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Simple football psychology techniques to improve your game

Soccer Tough: Simple Football Psychology Techniques to Improve Your Game is the new offering from Dan Abrahams, one of the leading psychology consultants in the world of foootball, aimed at helping footballers of all levels develop a winning mentality.

Abrahams, currently a psychology consultant to Queens Park Rangers, and who has worked with more than a dozen professional clubs and hundreds of players over the past decade, looks to demystify the mental side of the game, whilst offering practical techniques to enable players of all ability levels to actively develop focus, energy and confidence.

Soccer Tough looks to help players banish the fear, mistakes and mental limitations that can hold players back from fulfilling their potential.

Published by Bennion Kearny, Soccer Tough is now available in print (180 pages) with a cover price of £12.99.

Additional information can be found online HERE

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By Alex Richards

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