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St George's Day - A Frank Harper film

If you liked The Football Factory and Green Street, then Frank Harper’s St George’s Day will be right up your street.

St George’s Day is a British crime thriller, following the infamous gangster cousins Micky Mannock and Ray Collishaw. From being on the frontline of the terraces they worked their way to running the top firm in London.

Big deals, big money, the real lifestyle of London’s top dogs. But when they lose a drug shipment belonging to the Mafia, even worse, the Russian Mafia, a turf war threatens to tear their empire apart.

The firms only hope is a potential heist in Berlin, one that’ll clear their debts and set them up for life. Undercover they travel to Germany with an army of English football fans and firm members to watch England play Germany on St George’s Day.

Organised violence 

As the England and German firms clash in the mother of all organised violence, Micky and Ray have just one shot to pull off one of the greatest heists that could save both themselves and everything they’ve ever fought for.

But they hadn’t counted on a grass at the heart of their firm whose sole intent is to bring them crashing down.

Frank Harper stars in his directorial debut with Craig Fairbrass and Vincent Regan who play the role of London gangsters with ease, and Luke Treadaway, Keeley Hazell, Charles Dance, Jaime Foreman and Ashley Walters complete a fine British cast.

Throw on your England shirt for this one, as we clash with the German’s once again. This time with more than just football at stake!

Released in the United Kingdom by Metrodome Distribution, St George’s Day opens in cinemas across the UK on September 7.

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By Lewis Edwards 

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