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Total Football columnist Dougie Brimson is top of Amazon charts

Football thrillers The Crew and Top Dog by Total Football columnist Dougie Brimson (pictured) are yet again at the top of both the free and paid football book download charts on Amazon.

Brimson has beaten off stiff competition from the likes of Barca (Graham Hunter) and the Gary Neville and Dietmar Hamann autobiographies.

What makes this achievement even more amazing is that both novels were first published almost 10 years ago. They have received a resurgence in popularity amongst football fans, having been recently released in electronic format.

Indeed, the authors’ entire backlist is enjoying huge success on the download charts. At one point in February, six of the top 22 sports books on iTunes were Dougie Brimson titles, and his most recent comedy ebook, The art of fart, was released in January and is already attracting excellent reviews.

Readers of the prolific author's work are already looking forward to his next release, Wings of a sparrow, a comedy novel about a small town football club. Epublication is scheduled for late May.

Brimson, a former serviceman, is the author of 14 books and writer of the multi-award winning Green Street.

He has numerous projects in development including a movie biopic of Welsh darts legend Leighton Rees and a film about British soldiers returning from Afghanistan, and talks are already well advanced for a screen adaptation of Wings of a sparrow.

As well as writing for Total Football, Brimson is currently involved with various fan related projects in both Ukraine and Russia, and is involved in the development of anti-racism initiatives ahead of the 2018 World Cup.

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