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What did Beckham, Messi, Wenger and Mourinho want for Christmas?

Happy Christmas from Total Football to all our readers. Hopefully you got what you wanted for Christmas.

But what did everyone else want?

Total Football looks at what might have been on the Christmas wish list for players, managers, fans and others involved in football.

We start with our view on what might make the man who is still one of the biggest superstars in world football smile over the festive period...

David Beckham – A French phrasebook.

Victoria Beckham – A guide to the fashion houses in Paris.

Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz Beckham – Anything but frogs legs.

Steve Kean – The Venkys to continue to support him regardless.

The Venkys – Steve Kean to get his act together.

Bolton fans – The Venkys to continue to support Steve Kean regardless.

Manchester City fans – More of the same.

Swansea fans – An away win.

Coventry fans – A win.

Wolves fans  – Ideas for things to do on Boxing Day.

Carlos Tevez – A club that will put up with his tantrums.

Roberto Mancini – A club that will put up with Carlos Tevez’s tantrums.

Mario Balotelli – Surprise me.

Luis Suarez – A successful appeal and the chance to play some time in the near future.

John Terry – Luis Suarez to have his ban reduced.

Rio Ferdinand – News of Sepp Blatter receiving his P45. 

Sir Alex Ferguson – Money.

Arsene Wenger – A reunion with Thierry Henry.

Lionel Messi – Nothing. I’m happy as I am.

Jose Mourinho – A dip in form for Lionel Messi.

Harry Redknapp – A conversation about anything other than the England job.

Roy Hodgson – A conversation about the England job.

And finally...

Non-league groundsmen everywhere – Unseasonably good weather.

By Mark Roach 

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