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Have players lost all sense of respect?

Life at Fiorentina has been far from smooth in recent years, particularly this year under the leadership of Delio Rossi (pictured).

With the Tuscan side sitting 15th in Serie A, six points off relegation with only two games to go, there are fears that side might do the unthinkable and be relegated into Serie B.

However, things have been thrown into further disarray after the 51 year old managerial journeyman has been shown the exit at Stadio Artemio Franchi, after being involved in a bust up with player Adem Ljajic.

During Fiorentina’s 2 – 2 draw with second bottom of the table and relegated, Novara, Rossi brought Ljajic off after only 32 minutes after going two goals down in the early exchanges. Although annoying, the antagonising and sarcastic clap by the Serbian ex-Manchester United midfielder to his superiors was unwarranted.

However, Delio Rossi’s response can only be described as madness. Diving into dugout, Rossi firstly manhandled Ljajic, before repeating to punch his young midfielder in the head.

Managerial career spanning three decades

Clearly the strains of the modern games have got to the well-experienced manager. What it does do is put a managerial career spanning three decades into jeopardy.

The stresses of a relegation battle can get to the best of characters, but the actions of Rossi are inexcusable and he left his president Andrea Della Valle no choice but to send him packing.

For Rossi it will be the lowest point of a career that has seen him win the Coppa Italia with Lazio in 2008-2009 as well as playing a pivotal role in the rise of Palermo through the Europa League stages and nurturing the careers of Javier Pastore & Eziquiel Munoz.

It raises an interesting question regarding the lack of respect players give their managers, and in fact anyone supposedly in a superior position to themselves.

We mention daily the failure to respect the officials in our game by players across the globe, but now there is an increasing petulance towards the gaffers of our game.

High profile example

Carlos Tevez has been a high profile example of defying his manager, only to now be a starting player in Manchester City’s side again.

It is a sad state of affairs when our players, who in the case of Tevez earn hundreds of thousands of pounds a week refuse to play a game of football, swan off around the globe for three months while teammates are trying to win a title, only to be begged back into the first team.

No one doubts the actions of Rossi on Wednesday were outrageously out of order, but the ability for a player to wind up a manager like that stinks of a bad attitude in our game.

I am by no means defending Rossi for punching a player under his leadership.

But what we do have is a player who will no doubt play next week, who wound his manager up, a manager whose 30 year career is now in severe jeopardy.

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