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Highs and lows - Who was hot and who wasn't in 2011?

You are probably now a bit weary of getting stuffed at Christmas (that wasn't aimed at Wigan fans by the way) so, don't worry, this isn't going to be a long list. 

Instead, Total Football has picked out a few of the stars that shone brightly in 2011 and looks at some that faded.

And to make it even easier to digest than left over turkey, we are going to be publishing this as a series, focusing on one player at a time.

We start with a striker who was once regarded as the best in the world... 


Once the world's most feared striker, the Brazilian went a bit quiet in 2011. But he is ending the year on a high.

For someone whose star has faded, an apparent £22m price tag isn't bad for a 29-year-old. Curious that newspaper reports are putting the word 'just' in front of that (to put that in context, apparently the toaster my dad got me for Christmas was £22 - without the m on the end - and he thought that was a bit on the expensive side).

The use of the word 'just' is in reference to a player that cost Real Madrid £55m two years ago. He's fallen out of favour with Jose Mourinho and has had injury problems, but £22m isn't bad for a reserve team crock.

The good news for Kaka is that speculation suggests he could be on his way in January.

Paris St Germain appear to be favourites to capture his signature and team him up with David Beckham, although Chelsea are also thought to be in the frame.

Come back again soon for player number two on our 'hot or not in 2011' list. 

By Mark Roach

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