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Llama does a 'Paul the Octopus' and predicts Chelsea victory

Move over Paul the Octopus, there’s a new match-predicting animal in town.

The owners of Ashdown Llama Park in East Sussex are preparing themselves for more llama drama after discovering that one of their star attractions has an ability to predict the results of football matches.

When struggling to agree on the outcome of the FA Cup final, the park owners decided they would leave it to the llama to pick the result, and when he went for Chelsea they thought they could be on to something.

Keen to test out if this was just a fluke or a phenomenon, the park decided to get his prediction for the next big final – the Champions League final.

In a film that can be seen on You Tube, the llama is seen dribbling around his pen, eyeing up two coloured balls representing each of the competing teams.

Decisive header 

After deliberating his decision, he saunters up to the balls and, like a flying Didier Drogba meeting a Juan Mata cross, heads the blue Chelsea ball off its stand.

Now that the mystic animal - who unlike Paul the Octopus does not have a name, and is simply known as 'the llama' - has correctly called the result between Chelsea and Bayern Munich, the park plans to capture his predictions for England’s Euro 2012 group matches.

Rumour has it that Roy Hodgson has already heard about the mystic Llama and is keen to see what he predicts ahead of Euro 2012.

Linda Johnson, owner and founder of the Ashdown Forest Llama Park: “He's attracted so much attention at the park. We always knew there was something special about him.

"He has always been an opinionated character and has a love of football – his favourite player is fellow South American, Carlos Valderrama.”

To see the llama in action click here

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