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West London turns blue to celebrate Chelsea’s Champions League triumph

It was a Sunday afternoon on the streets of West London, but it was a day unlike any other as thousands of Chelsea fans made their way down the roads to await the arrival of the Blues’ victory parade.

On Saturday night, millions of footballing fans across the globe watched an astonishing Champions League final as Chelsea beat Bayern Munich in an epic and nerve wrecking penalty shoot-out which ended their nightmare from the last time they were at this stage of the competition.

The following day, the triumphant team arrived back in the UK to parade the 17 pounds of silverware across the blue hazed streets of West London, with the iconic chequered Chelsea flags waved by thousands of spectators as they roared in excitement, welcoming Roberto Di Matteo’s victorious squad.

The route began with two open-topped buses on which the players and support staff departed from Stamford Bridge’s west entrance, they then travelled east along Fulham Road before turning right onto Hortensia Road, right again onto King's Road and then on to New King's Road.

At Eel Brook Common the buses stopped for a brief period before finally continuing onto Parsons Green where it ended.

The parade started at 1pm and, including the 10-minute stop at Eel Brook Common, finished at around 2pm, allowing hundreds and thousands of supporters the opportunity to share the thrilling excitement with the winning team itself.

By Nicholas Bieber

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