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Five players sent off for wearing the wrong pants

Five players and a team's manager were sent off by a referee - because they were wearing the wrong pants.

Referee Darren Adie, who took charge of Bath City youth team's cup game against Newport County, noticed that several Bath players had different coloured underwear to their team's red shorts.

A late flag from a linesman (aka assistant referee) is one thing, but Adie took 20 minutes to spot that a number of the Bath side were wearing white undershorts.  

Then he got to work. First, defender Billy Cooper was dismissed and manager Billy Clark promptly followed for dissent after telling the man in the middle what he thought of him (presumably he told the referee he thought his decision was 'pants').

Cooper's team-mates Ciaran Rogers, Zemell Burton, Ben Bicknell and Lewis Pierre were also dismissed.

Newport took advantage, taking the lead while two Bath players were off the field looking for a suitable change of underwear. Bath eventually slumped to a 6-0 defeat.

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