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Sheffield & Hallamshire FA sign new cup sponsor

Sheffield & Hallamshire FA have signed a deal with JustOneStanding as new sponsors for their Senior Challenge Cup competition for the next two seasons.

JustOneStanding have recently launched a new football-based prediction game that aims to throw a much-needed lifeline to local clubs struggling to meet the ever-increasing running costs.

The brainchild of former Sheffield & Hallamshire FA Senior Challenge Cup referee Jock Waugh and former player and club administrator Alan Strawford, JustOneStanding pledges to reinvest 30% of stakes back into grassroots football.

With JustOneStanding, each player places a £10 stake and bets on a series of games from one of the domestic leagues. Players with incorrect predictions are knocked out until there is JustOneStanding, who will scoop a £5,000 jackpot.  Players nominate a club to represent and JustOneStanding then sends out money to them.

So, the more players a club can get to represent them, the more money the club will receive.

JustOneStanding are also committed to helping clubs and organisations develop and realise more long-term ambitions, such as buying new kit or building changing rooms. They welcome applications from good causes struggling to obtain funding.

To find out more and to sign up to play the new JustOneStanding Football Game visit

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