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Team GB: Is Stuart Pearce the right man to make the nation proud?

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Olympic football - It might seem to cynics like just a random bunch of players slung together with little preparation.

However, Stuart Pearce’s Team GB are keen to prove the critics wrong and give Brits something to be proud of at the London 2012 Games, which are proudly being hosted in our own back yard at the end of the month.

Stuart ‘Psycho’ Pearce (pictured) was anything but mad to realise the honour of accepting such a position last October, when he was unveiled as the master tactician behind a potential British triumph.

One to always honour his country’s call and willingly accept the pragmatics of England’s precarious post-Capello sacking, Pearce has always been buoyant surrounding the development of the nation’s young pros. I mean he’d have to be as England Under-21 manager, right?

Taking it seriously

This unique and historic opportunity certainly seems one in which Pearce is taking seriously. Shocking many onlookers with the recent snub of David Beckham, citing he has picked the most competitive squad available certainly confirmed Pearce’s attention to detail and rigorous assessment of the former England captain’s rather tiresome legs.

Many a pundit envisaged the London 2012 Games being Beckham’s deserved swansong for such an illustrious playing career and service to England and Britain as an ambassador but Pearce’s ruthless ignorance to sentiment, may just come back to haunt him if Team GB fail to achieve anything tangible this July and August.

Eeven before a ball has been kicked, Pearce has been unafraid to ruffle a few feathers, with nobody selected from Scotland and Northern Ireland, whose talent was fleetingly overlooked for this momentous occasion.

Vested interest?

It may seem on the surface like Pearce’s vested interest is just giving his England Under-21 set-up an extensive experience of playing together in a tournament with a few Welsh adversaries there to satisfy the restrictions of entry but if we look at the success of the fellow home nations, it is still fact that the other national sides remain inferior to that of England’s.

Olympic football was always going to be hard to sell, and with Scottish and Northern Irish players not involved, the so-called collective spirit may have taken a hammer blow pre-competition.

In a way, it’s rather like Andy Murray and the tennis. If he does well, the nation quickly jumps on the bandwagon and if he fails to deliver, many journalists confirm that he was indeed born north of the border.

Best chance

The likes of Jonny Evans and Jordan Rhodes may well have warranted an inclusion following their impressive campaigns last term, and there is a strong argument that in a ‘one-off’ tournament such as London 2012, all entities should have forged a piece of the squad but Pearce seems to be totally focused on winning Gold and he has the best chance to do that with a largely English based squad.

Only time will tell of course but Pearce has demonstrated his strength as a manager, that he is unfazed by media pressure and of course, sentiment.

It has been five years since Pearce departed Manchester City and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that a good showing with Team GB might even boost his managerial chances of a return to the Premier League at some point, despite his love and attachment to the patriotism of the international roles.

The nation will get its first glimpse of Team GB in a friendly against no less than Brazil at Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium on July 20th and this calibre of opposition will certainly provide the robust ice-breaker in which Pearce will want his young side to rise to the challenge against.

With the start of the Premier League still 46 days away, Olympic football will certainly go some way to cure post-Euro 2012 withdrawal symptoms and in such a prestigious event, we should all try to get behind the team as they look to secure Gold and make history in the process.

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